Which brand of natural gas water heater is good

For water heaters, I believe everyone will not feel strange, and natural gas water heaters are now more commonly used. So, which brand of natural gas water heater is good? Is the price of natural gas water heater expensive? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

Which brand of natural gas water heater is good

1, Linne gas water heater

In the gas control mode, Linne heating stove adopts three-stage adjustment and infinitely-proportional cutting, which can achieve micro-load operation, and can automatically supplement energy according to the heat dissipation of the room, avoiding frequent start-up of the heating furnace, and achieving gas-saving and prolonged life. effect. In the temperature adjustment, Lin used digital microcomputer temperature control and adjustment methods, can achieve positive and negative 1 degree of precision control, comfort. In addition, Lin uses a DC inverter fan to automatically match the air volume according to the amount of gas, achieve the best ratio of air and gas to burn, save gas, reduce the burden on the user, and save energy.

2, the United States of natural gas water heater

Midea Gas Water Heater specializes in the research and development of safe and comfortable hot water supply products, original temperature control technology, rapid constant temperature of 7 seconds, minimum temperature of 1.5 degrees, temperature limit anti-hot function of 10 degrees Celsius, with imported NEC monitoring chip and leading industry Welling Motors guarantees optimal use of energy while providing comfortable bathing.

3, Haier gas water heater

At the signing ceremony of the 2010 Water Heater Industry Forum and Low-carbon Declaration, Haier Gas Water Heater introduced a new product beyond the series. With the generation II blue flame combustion technology, low-flame and low-temperature combustion was achieved, which greatly reduced nitrogen oxides emission in flue gas. The content of CO and CO was the first to achieve the internationally leading Euro V emission standards.

The price of natural gas water heaters

Lin RUS-13FEK gas water heater 3636 yuan

The United States JSQ18-11LK2 gas water heater 3900 yuan

Haier JSQ24-E1 (12T) gas water heater 1799 yuan

The above about natural gas water heater which brand is good and the price of natural gas water heater is briefly introduced here, I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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