Summer-sown corn pests are high-rising to boost the mar…

At present, it is the emergence period of summer-sown corn. This year due to special climatic reasons, the early drought and high temperature, and the recent continuous low temperature and low temperature, coupled with pests such as the two-pointed moth, second-generation armyworm, scorpion worm, g-----

Solar automatic dehumidifier

Solar automatic dehumidifier good life begins with breathing! For residents living in the southeastern coastal areas, the winter is cold and humid. After the dehumidifier succeeded the humidifier, another wave of indoor air revolution was set off. This dehumidifier uses simple l-----

How to choose the right tile for the decoration

Many people in the renovation project pay attention to the floor, but for the living room and some functional areas, the tiles are still invincible. The quality of the tiles is very important. It is not like daily necessities, it can be replaced at will, and once you find the quality problem a-----

Nearly 1,000 volunteers nationwide tried to eat genetic…

The Beijing Association of Science and Technology Journalists and Huazhong Agricultural University launched a voluntary tasting of genetically modified rice in Beijing yesterday. Experts gave their names for genetically modified technology and said that the safety and reliability of genetically m-----

柘City leaders survey diamond superhard material gathe…

Abstract On July 12, the deputy secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the director of the supervision, Song Jingmin and his party, visited the county to investigate the construction of industrial clusters and urban construction. County leaders Liu Lianchang, Li Z-----

Introduction to the principle of lighting purchase

Regarding the choice of lamps, be cautious, which is not only related to the comfort of the house, but also to human health. I saw six principles on a website some time ago and it feels very good. Here is the reference: 1. Simple principle lighting should play a finishing touch in the room. O-----

Strawberry Summer Management

Irrigation and drought prevention make strawberry seedlings grow normally, and the summer is safe. It is necessary to regularly pour water to keep the soil in the seedlings moist. Irrigation requires water to be poured to 2/3 of the gully. The surface of the mulch cannot be submerged. The seedlings-----