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In practice, giving full play to the function of computer unattended and all-weather security monitoring is the best auxiliary security management solution that saves manpower and material resources.

Security Monitoring

Reasons for installing a computer monitoring system in schools: Because there are fewer managers and students in the school, it brings a lot of inconvenience to the school's safety management. In order to keep abreast of school dynamics, identify potential safety hazards and record video images of abnormal conditions for immediate prevention or as an objective basis for post-analysis processing. Therefore, the installation of monitoring facilities in schools has become a trend. In practice, giving full play to the function of computer unattended and all-weather security monitoring is the best auxiliary security management solution that saves manpower and material resources. Application example

Application one:

Teaching building monitoring

The staff on duty in the communication room can monitor the situation of multiple venues through the computer screen, and in the event of an abnormal situation, the system will immediately alarm and automatically record the current situation to the computer in order to retrieve the replay afterwards. Through the school's local area network, the principal or other authorized management personnel can observe these scenes at the same time, and can record them. Even after work or on a business trip, they can observe through the remote network and directly observe the real situation of the school. In the unattended situation, the monitoring system can detect abnormalities. Since the system uses motion detection technology, only the active targets entering the monitoring area are recorded, so the hard disk space is saved. Recorded video data with date/time information for easy tracking and verification. If the monitoring host is on the Internet, it allows authorized personnel to use a dedicated remote monitoring software or a universal web browser for remote monitoring. Just like a webcam, a distinctive school can show itself to the world through this system. Campus style.

Taking a school building in the school as an example, the composition of school monitoring is explained, which is mainly divided into three parts.

The first part is a network video server installed on site. There is a camera and a network video server on each floor of the corridor. If you need camera rotation, you can add a cloud platform. The cloud platform is connected to the network video server through the serial port, and the network video server transmits images through the network.

The second part is the local area network. The campus network of the school can be used here.

The third part is the monitoring operation platform. Multi-screen monitoring software is provided here, which can realize functions such as recording, storage, query, wheel jump and alarm display.

Application 2:

Examination room monitoring

In recent years, the phenomenon of college entrance examination fraud has continued to occur, and it has also had a very bad impact in society. In view of the serious harm of test fraud, a reliable method must be used to record the fraud process and obtain effective evidence to curb the occurrence of fraud. It is reported that in order to effectively prevent candidates from fraud and obtain effective evidence of fraud in order to crack down on fraud, some provinces have required the national education unified examination site to establish a TV monitoring system, and implement comprehensive monitoring and instant recording for the examination process.

With the video surveillance system, multiple test sites in the examination room can be effectively monitored and recorded in real time. By using the universal gimbal, the entire examination room can be conveniently viewed. Because the system adopts digital audio and video technology, it has better stability and image quality than the TV monitoring system, and also has more storage space, which can conveniently take the test room situation.

Application three:

Teaching demonstration

In order to promote the advanced teaching experience of excellent teachers, or to inspect the teaching level of teachers, schools often need to arrange teaching demonstration classes. However, the traditional teaching demonstration is to arrange the lecturers in the classroom where the lectures are conducted, regardless of the number of students who have been restricted, and also affect the normal teaching. Traditional teaching demonstrations can only be carried out locally, which is inconvenient for teachers who are watching in the field. Using the video surveillance system, the teaching demonstration class can be broadcast live, and real-time video recording can be performed; the personnel who listen to the teaching demonstration class can see the reality of the teaching demonstration without entering the lecture site. Through the video server, the teachers in the field can conveniently view the whole teaching demonstration course through the broadband network; at the same time, the video of the teaching demonstration course can be permanently saved for the disc for future use.

A classroom uses 2 to 3 cameras equipped with a Vientiane PTZ to connect to the monitoring server host through a coaxial cable; a monitoring server host can simultaneously monitor multiple classrooms. Those who need to watch the scene can obtain video data from the monitoring server host connected to the switch through the intranet or WAN.

By using the above video monitoring system, multiple test sites of the examination room can be effectively monitored, which is convenient for viewing the entire examination room. The system's real-time recording function makes it easy to permanently save the information of the examination room into a CD. In addition, the system can also broadcast the teaching demonstration class. The personnel who listen to the teaching demonstration class can see the reality of the teaching demonstration without entering the lecture site. By using the broadband network, the teachers in the field can conveniently view the entire teaching through the network. The case of the demonstration class.

Therefore, the video surveillance system can well meet the needs of school examination and control and teaching demonstration.

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