Full height switch function features

Full height gates are also called revolving doors or full-height turnstiles. They are also known as cross turnstiles. They are three-roll gates, swing gates, wing gates, and translating gates. The latest upgrades for channel gates have irreplaceable advantages and form an inherent closed channel. Space, pedestrians order brush cartoon line.
In many important places, unattended, all-day security measures need to be implemented. Places like prisons, factories that specialize in industrial operations, construction sites, etc., become full drivers of full-scale turning, and the rapid development of the industry has promoted a number of In another batch of rapidly developing enterprises, the switch is applied to the strict control zone, which can effectively prevent climbing and drilling. When passers pass the gate, the gates under the control of management authority can refuse to enter the unauthorised personnel. If the permission is passed, the switch will be automatically released.
First, the scope of application:
The main adaptable places for the switch gates include: prisons, banks in military administrative areas, and factories with very strict entry and exit management (such as chemical plants, construction sites, etc.). The mechanical part of the device contains an emergency control device. When the power is turned off, the central arm can be freely rotated to ensure smooth passage; it meets fire protection requirements and is automatically locked when power is applied. It can be applied to all construction environments, and can solve all control problems of pedestrian exits and exits. It can control whether the gates are locked or unlocked at any time. Up to 20 signal interfaces are available to facilitate user expansion.
Second, the functional characteristics:
1. All stainless steel weatherproof box, novel and beautiful.
2. Has a personalized installation interface (such as card readers, light installation, etc.) to ensure that the system integrator control gate device is simple and convenient when installed.
3. The movement of the switchgear is automatically adjusted hydraulic shock absorber. When the brake is used for movement, the sound is very small, there is no impact, and the brake lever is automatically decelerated back to the middle. The movement surface is electroplated with yellow dichromate.
4. Can be programmed with gate control, one or two directions (set by the user).
5. Anti-pass back function, pedestrian crossing gate will not sneak back
6. Anti-trailing function, the gate can only pass one person at a time, one brake.
7. When the power is turned off, the gate is free of electricity and the gate rotates freely, meeting the requirements of fire protection.
8. Power-off locks, special occasions (banks, prisons, etc.), in the case of power outages also play a gate closing role, improve safety and reliability, the staff will start the backup power supply turns on the gate, and deal with in time.
9. The base is fixed with expansion bolts.
Third, classification:
1, according to the direction of traffic can be divided into: one-way full height switch, two-way full height switch
2. According to the way of traffic, it can be divided into: electric full height switch and manual full height switch
3, according to the style can be divided into: dual-channel full-height switch, single-channel full-height switch
4, according to the mode of traffic can be divided into: mechanical electric full height switch, semi-automatic full height switch, automatic full height switch
5, according to the braking mode can be divided into: semi-automatic brake full height switch, automatic brake full height switch (this type is high-end gate type, foreign mainstream)

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