Four criteria to help you clean up wasteland

After the new house is renovated, there will be a lot of construction waste and decoration waste left on the ground and wall tiles, such as cement blocks, paint spots, glass glue, etc. Inside and outside the cabinet will be covered with a layer of dust, leaving many coatings on the glass. Points, cement blocks and other decoration waste, these garbage and stains must be cleaned in the wasteland cleaning, therefore, wasteland cleaning is a very difficult, very complicated and very distressed work. To do a good job in land reclamation and cleaning, we must understand the standards of land reclamation and cleaning.

Wasteland cleaning standards

We can use the sun to clean our homes. Unlike many cleaners, sunlight is free, not only convenient but also amazing. Sunlight can kill microorganisms in the air, but also improve the body's immune system. If there is still a strong smell of formaldehyde in the room, you have to open the window, pay attention to ventilation, let the light spill in, and the daily sunshine time is more than 1 hour. In addition, the indoor lighting must be good enough to allow the room to get plenty of natural light. In general, the ratio of the effective area of ​​the window to the area of ​​the ground should be greater than 1:15 so that good lighting can be achieved.

Wasteland Cleaning Standard II

We must maintain good conditions for overall residential hygiene. In general, the room temperature in winter cannot be lower than 12 degrees Celsius, and in summer it is not higher than 30 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity in the room cannot be more than 65%. In summer, the wind speed cannot be less than 0.15 meters/second, and in winter, it is no more than 0.3 meters/second. . Only focus on minor climate changes, moderate adjustments can achieve the effect of cleaning.

Decoration experience renovation construction knowledge wasteland cleaning

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