US research and development of the strongest laser propulsion system: to achieve interstellar crossing

According to foreign media reports, stellar interstellar navigation is the bottleneck of development that human beings need to face in the future. If we can achieve interstellar navigation, we can achieve colonization outside the solar system. However, interstellar navigation requires an advanced power system. Philippe Rubin, a professor of physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, conceived a directed energy propulsion system that uses a laser-driven spacecraft to travel to the Alpha Centauri, the closest to the solar system. . Directional energy can be driven very fast and can be reached within 20 years.

The idea of ​​using lasers as a spacecraft power has been funded by NASA projects, a potential science and technology that has turned science fiction into reality. NASA has recently identified 15 advanced innovative concept technologies designed to make science fiction a reality, and laser directed energy drive is one such example. Philippe Rubin believes that the major challenge facing humanity is to develop advanced power systems to drive our detectors, an important step in interplanetary navigation.

Of course, the directional energy propulsion system envisioned by Philippe Rubin requires a very low starting quality, which means that the technology is suitable for use in a micro spacecraft, so that the laser orientation energy can play a role. The reason why the University of California has conceived a spacecraft that uses laser directed propulsion is that the proximity to a nearby star system may not require a huge spacecraft. The micro-detector is more suitable for deep space missions and can reach Alpha Centauri within 20 years. .

Laser photon drive technology produces speeds that far exceed the power forms currently achievable, even close to relativistic speeds. Laser photon drive can also be used for Mars travel, and we can reach the rocket in a short time. At the Planetary Defense Conference held in Italy last spring, the University of California, Santa Barbara demonstrated the ability to orient asteroids to suit asteroids of all diameters.

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