Several kinds of main manifestations of digital display push force meter measurement error

In the process of using digital push-pull force gauges , we often have problems with excessive measurement errors, which may be due to improper use, improper adjustment, etc., resulting in excessive measurement errors. Users of digital push-pull gauges must solve problems. The problem of this measurement error, first of all to understand the digital display of the general error of the general expression of the measurement error of the force gauge, which will be introduced by the following several kinds of push-pull. Force meter measurement error is too large.

The first one is that the collection data is missing or the data density does not meet the requirements. Using this incomplete data for point cloud fitting has large errors and it is difficult to achieve the required measurement accuracy.

The second type: point cloud mosaic error, resulting in a larger measurement error.

The third type: The data collected on the same surface appears as a multi-layered point cloud. This situation often occurs when the measured object is a large workpiece or the workpiece is a transparent object.

The fourth kind: Accumulation error is too large, which makes the measurement result obvious deviation.

Fifth: Excessive data of large points (noise) in digital force gauge measurement results.

Sixth: Inaccurate data collected by a single frame affects the overall measurement accuracy.

After reading the above small series to explain the several reasons that may cause digital display push force meter measurement error is too large, if you have questions, you are welcome to inquire us Shanghai Shi Heng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., our digital display force gauge : http://. . Com/

Digital push-pull gauge picture

Digital push-pull gauge picture

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