World home furnishing giant IKEA enters Foshan


The world's home furnishing giant IKEA entered Foshan with a total investment of about 1 billion yuan and selected Qiandeng Lake.

IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd. has acquired a commercial site of approximately 30,000 square meters located in the A24 block of Guicheng Street. It is expected to invest about 1 billion yuan to build an IKEA home shopping mall. The mall will open in 2017 at the earliest.


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According to the Nanhai District Land Exchange Center, IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd. acquired the A24 block of Guicheng Street at a base price of 380 million yuan. It is the core land of Guangdong Financial High-tech Service Zone C, located on the side of Guilan Road, near Qiandeng Lake Metro Station, with an area of ​​about 30,000 square meters, will build an IKEA home shopping mall with a construction area of ​​not less than 50,000 square meters and a total investment of about 1 billion yuan.


"In order to attract IKEA to enter the South China Sea, I started talking to them more than a year ago." The relevant person in charge of Zone C of the Guangdong Financial High-tech Service Zone told reporters that IKEA's final choice of the South China Sea is due to its location and spending power. From the map, the land is located near the city's rapid arterial lines such as the First Ring Road of Foshan and Guilan Road, adjacent to the subway station, and the transportation is convenient. From the perspective of Guangfo, it is only 30 minutes away from the surrounding cities of Chancheng, Shunde, and Guangzhou Minute drive, its wide coverage of the crowd is predictable.


A Nanhai official who participated in negotiations with IKEA revealed that another reason for IKEA's location in Nanhai is that the lease of Guangzhou Tianhe IKEA Pavilion has expired. Based on this judgment, IKEA will build a flagship store in South China that covers Guangfo and Zhao in Nanhai.


Regarding IKEA's settlement in Nanhai, IKEA's official Weibo posted the news for the first time, and many netizens in Foshan said they were "excited." "I don't need to go to Guangzhou to buy IKEA furniture in the future", "I can go shopping often! So happy." Among the citizens randomly interviewed by reporters on the streets, young people showed more interest than older people.


Local furniture manufacturers are cautious about cooperation


One is the global home furnishing industry leader, and the other is China's most important furniture production and sales base. IKEA is stationed in Foshan, can local furniture manufacturers take the opportunity to expand cooperation with IKEA?


Zhong Haizhou, assistant to the president of the Federal Group, said that IKEA is only taking a plot of land, and the specific development plan is not yet known. IKEA has been stationed in Guangdong for many years and has little impact on the local furniture industry. "The target group of IKEA is young people, mainly in one-time purchase and rental groups, such as fresh graduates, newly married couples, and they are doing upholstered furniture. The local furniture companies in Foshan are mainly like the federal government It is a mature customer, including multiple home buyers, and the overlap between the two is not high. "


Yang Zhihua, Secretary General of Lecong Furniture Association, believes that for the furniture industry in Foshan, IKEA's presence is a icing on the cake. Foshan's local furniture companies can cooperate with IKEA to enrich the product line.


Zhong Haizhou was cautiously optimistic about this. He said that IKEA is very strong for upstream companies and has strong bargaining power. The strength of IKEA lies in the ability of supply integration and global procurement. Foshan's local furniture companies should cooperate with it to avoid becoming a low-end manufacturer.


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