Solid wood bathroom cabinet encyclopedic knowledge broke

In recent years, solid wood bathroom cabinets have become the darling of the furniture market. As a new type of solid wood furniture, its natural, simple and graceful features meet the psychological needs of modern urbanites who admire nature. At the same time, they can fully reflect the owner's noble identity and home grade. Standard, is a must-have option for home improvement. Many customers are confused when choosing a bathroom cabinet. I don't know where to start. In order to let everyone pick the bathroom cabinet as soon as possible, the small series will use the bathroom cabinet as an example to explain the solid wood bathroom cabinet. tips.

Solid wood bathroom cabinet selection


Look table

The countertops of bathroom cabinets usually have natural stone, artificial stone, ceramics and other materials. No matter what kind of material, it has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and easy cleaning. Users can choose according to their own preferences.


Look at the material

High-end bathroom cabinets are quite particular in the selection of materials. The wood is hard, the texture is clear and beautiful, and the knots are few. These are usually the characteristics of high-end bathroom cabinets.


Look at the paint

The selected paint should be healthy and environmentally friendly, and all environmental protection indicators should meet the standard; the surface paint film should be relatively full, and the hand touch is smoother. If the surface paint film is not smooth enough, it should be carefully selected.


Look at the hardware

High-end bathroom cabinets, hardware is also very important. Try turning on the door of the bathroom cabinet to see how the mute is handled. Usually the cushioned door hinge is better; pull the drawer and check if the rail is smooth.

Solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance

The main material of the solid wood bathroom cabinet is solid wood, so the maintenance method is common to the maintenance of solid wood furniture.

1. The solid wood bathroom cabinet is usually placed in the bathroom. The bathroom should be properly wet and wet when designing. At the same time, the floor of the bathroom cabinet should be properly grounded to avoid long-term water accumulation on the ground.

2. Use a pure cotton towel to regularly wipe the bathroom cabinet, pay special attention to some details to avoid dust; when encountering stains that are difficult to remove, you can use a professional cleaning agent to wipe, do not use gasoline to avoid Dangerous.

3. Wood needs regular waxing and maintenance. Usually, wax can be used once every quarter. This not only makes the furniture look as clean as new, but also effectively protects the surface paint of the bathroom cabinet and effectively improves the service life of the bathroom cabinet.

4. When the bathroom is not in use, try to maintain good ventilation. In addition, the bathroom should be protected from direct sunlight. Long-term sunlight will accelerate the aging of the paint on the bathroom cabinet. In severe cases, it will cause local cracking.

5. The drawers, doors, etc. of the bathroom cabinets are not usable when switching, avoiding collision and causing damage, affecting daily use; when cleaning, try to avoid using wet towels to wipe the door hinges, guide rails and other hardware to avoid rust. phenomenon.

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