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Roof leaks often occur in people’s daily home lives. Leaking water on the roof of a house is a headache for people. It not only affects their lives, but also damages their structure. Thermal expansion and contraction are ubiquitous, foundation settlement is unavoidable, and material ageing is irresistible. This is the three major forces that damage the roof, and thus causes the roof to leak. So how do you do leaking roof? What kind of material is leaking on the roof ? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

How to do roof leakage

The top leakage method for rural flat houses:

Most of the rural roofs are prefabricated panels. Usually, there is a connection between the boards and the board where the water leaks. Therefore, the simple and costly method of repairing leaks in the top of rural flats is to lay a layer of asphalt on the roof. The seams are stuck, but this method does not have a long-lasting waterproof effect; the more durable method is to use a waterproof layer on the left side of the roof or apply latex.

Top leaking methods for urban buildings:

The roof leakage in buildings in the city is inseparable from the construction quality. Generally, the top leakage of the houses is caused by the foundations and the problems caused by the floor slabs. This is the problem that the developers need to solve. Therefore, the roof of the urban building is leaking and the property needs to be let. The company handles it.

Of course, if there is a leak in the roof of a building, such as near a kitchen faucet and bathroom, then the method of leaking water from the roof of a city building must be checked first. It is caused by the side leakage of the water pipe. If you identify the root cause of the leakage, it is believed that the top leakage of the housing of the city building is not a solution. Difficult.

Tips: When doing waterproof mending leakage construction, the roof must be kept dry, because the water in the roof will not evaporate, and it will affect the waterproof effect. In addition, for the sake of its own safety, the exterior walls of the house will seep and must not be disposed of.

What kind of material is good for roof leakage?

Several types of roofing waterproofing materials are recommended here: Synthetic polymeric waterproofing membranes, polymer modified bituminous waterproofing membranes, sheet metal, synthetic polymer waterproof coatings, one-component water-curable polyurethane waterproof coatings, and cement-based penetrating crystalline waterproof coatings. Wait.

1. Synthetic polymer waterproofing membrane: It uses synthetic rubber, synthetic resin or a blend of the two as base material, and adds appropriate chemical additives and fillers. After being processed in different processes, the sheet-shaped waterproof material can be curled; or the above-mentioned materials can be combined with synthetic fibers to form a sheet-like waterproof material with two or more layers that can be curled.

2. Polymer modified bitumen membrane: A synthetic polymer-modified asphalt is used as a coating layer, fiber fabric or fiber mat is a carcass, and powder, granular, sheet or film material is made of a cladding material. Curable sheet material. The thickness is generally 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and the main body is asphalt.

3, synthetic polymer waterproof coating: a variety of polymer materials as the main film material, processed by a special process of synthetic polymer waterborne emulsion waterproof coating, with excellent high elasticity and excellent waterproof performance. The product is non-toxic, odorless, safe and environmentally friendly. The coating has good water resistance, alkali resistance and UV resistance, and has high elongation at break, tensile strength and automatic repair function.

4, polymer cement waterproof coating: polymer cement (also known as elastic cement) is based on acrylic synthetic polymer emulsion as the base material, adding special cement, inorganic curing agent and a variety of additives configured by two-component waterproof coating Membrane material, which has good film-forming properties, impermeability, adhesion, water resistance and weather resistance, and can be applied to a cured film on a wet substrate.

5, special waterproof anti-seepage slurry: a new type of impermeability waterproof material, is composed of dozens of pure inorganic components of gray powder, non-toxic, odorless, flame-retardant, environmental protection, can be used for food and drinking water projects. With high strength, water impermeability, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, frost resistance, anti-aging, no shrinkage, resistance to oil, strong adhesion and other characteristics, with excellent backwater surface waterproof impermeability moisture resistance, while having a secondary repair effect, He is especially good at controlling the leakage of water in concrete masonry.

The above information on how to do roof leaks and what kind of material leaks from the roof is just a good introduction, and I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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