A new method to eliminate citrus pests: pheromone trapping

With the increase of temperature, the citrus pests in various places have come back. There are many ways to control citrus pests. Today, Xiaobian introduces a new method to control citrus pests: pheromones trap citrus pests.

Using pheromones to trap citrus pests is a green and effective method of prevention and control. Five citrus fruit fly traps were placed in each field orchard to trap the orange fruit fly, and each time 98% of the fly ether 2.0mL/bottle was added for 14 days. Sweet and sour liquid traps adult insects such as chafers and larvae.

There are two ways: the first one is to put rotten fruit, rotten watermelon or cooked sweet potato into l% trichlorfon solution, soak for 8~10 hours, then put it on the ground of orangery, 3~5 per mu. The heap is replaced after 2~3 days; the second is to prepare sweet and sour liquid with brown sugar, vinegar, distiller's grains, trichlorfon and water in a ratio of 1:4:1:1:10, which is placed in the pot and placed in the orangery. 5 pots per acre, change the sweet and sour liquid once a week.

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