The use of soybean field herbicide varieties should not be too single

When weeding soybean fields, many farmers’ friends often make a mistake, that is, the herbicide used is too single, so it is easy to make the weeds resistant, it is difficult to completely out the weeds in the field, so we choose a variety of weeding. The agents are used interchangeably so that the effect is better.

1. In the bean field mixed with grasses and broadleaf grasses, and the weeds are relatively large, use 25% sulfamethoxazole 80 ml + 5% quizalofop-ethyl 60 ml or 25% sulfamethoxazole 80 ml. 10.8% high-efficiency grass can be 20 ml of emulsifiable concentrate or 5% of imazethic water-cured agent 80 ml + 48% clomazone emulsifiable concentrate 100 ml, 30 kg of water, sprayed by spraying.

2, in the broad-leaved grass-based bean field, using 25% of sulfamethoxazole 100 ml, 30 kg of water, sprayed by spraying.

3. In the bean field with grasses as the main grass, use 5% fine quizalofop 70 ml, 30 kg of water, and apply by spraying.

4, in the grass and broadleaf mixed, weeds with a small number of weeds, using 48% of 48% of the oxalicone emulsifiable concentrate, 30 kg of water, sprayed by spraying.

The best application period of the above is: 1-2 leaves and leaves of soybeans, and 3-4 leaves of weeds.

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