The lamps also play tricks: the world's strange and fascinating lamps

Norwegian Forest Lights



Norwegian Forest Lights: Designed by Norwegian designer Cathrine Kullberg, the pines and animals are carved out on the birch surface. Under the light, the deep Nordic style is just like alive, shining in front of you.

Glass Light Blanket (Shattered Lights)



Shattered Lights: A blanket that is woven into tempered glass beads, surrounded by a circle of LED illuminators - thus, after illuminating the LEDs, the glass beads refract and reflect light, forming a splendid The light blanket, you can fold it at will, and use it as you like it. Designed by Ira Rozhavsky.

White Noise Lamp


White Noise Lamp: The wood and the lamp are perfectly combined. The hollowed-out wax in the middle is called the essence, full of a strong Chinese flavor. Designed by Shane Crozier. Interestingly, the designer also added white noise to it, and for the elderly, these evenly distributed noises can calm the mood.

An Hourglass Worth Of Light


An Hourglass Worth Of Light: The light will only illuminate when the sand leaks through the crevices - the idea of ​​genius! It is both timed and a special mood. Designed by Sun-Young Lee.

Cocktail Light (Cork Light)


Cork Light: At first glance, the cocktail light seems to be the idea of ​​playing under the bottle. In fact, all the mystery is on the stopper. The inside of the stopper is an LED spotlight. Going down, the bottle will be fascinatingly fascinating - the so-called radiance is also. Designed by Won-Gye Na.

Go Ahead And Pick A Light


Go Ahead And Pick A Light: The bulb with the built-in battery hangs on the tree like a fruit. In addition to the landscaping, it can also be charged from the wires inside the branches. So, when you need it, you can take the "fruit" off and put it where you need it - designed by Nick Foley.

Material :Natural slate , quartz,sandstone ,marble etc . 

Size       :25*60cm,30*60cm,40*60cm,60*60cm etc .
Shape   :Rectangle or square with chipped edge 

Packing :  wooden crate 

 The wooden pallets  size is made as the container size . After loading the wooden crate in the container ,the wooden crates will nearly same size with the width of the container .It can make the wooden crate not have space to move during transport . In this case ,it can keep the stone safety mostly

Application : Can be used to decorate the outside wall or inside wall .Decorate your house ,decorate your life .

Wall Caps

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