Safety shoes toner

Toner is a safety shoe upper color conditioner. When the shoe is made, it is necessary to hide the cut section, seam, and punching area of ​​the leather. To improve the hue of a part or all of the shoe, a toner must be used when it is changed. Broadly speaking, a colored shoe treatment agent can be considered as a toner, but it is not always the case that the color adjustment is not the main thing in such materials.

The necessary additives are added to the toner, and the adhesive can make the toner bond with the upper better, the color is more uniform, and the use is more convenient. More color materials used spray. The toner has a water-based conditioning shoelace and a solvent type.

Solvent type can increase the brightness after toning. For the two-layer suede safety shoes and matte leather safety shoe upper, in addition to color, it is also required to increase the vividness of the color tone. The toner can increase the resistance to dry, wet rubbing, and bending resistance of shoes, and is suitable for the scale, heel and edging of shoes. Pigments and dyes are natural toning materials, where pigments are used more often in areas where coverage is required, and dyes are used more often to require certain effects.

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