Labor insurance wear non-standard oil spray foot insurance burns

【Event Replay】 On the afternoon of June 27, 2010, it was during the unloading peak period. Due to the relatively hot weather, the shoes were too lame and the unloader Liu on duty changed a pair of cloth shoes. The squad leader Cui Moumou found out during the routine inspection that Liu did not wear work shoes and immediately said to her: Take off the cloth shoes, change the pair of shoes, and in case of 80 °C oil splashes on the feet too dangerous! Liu reluctantly went to the duty room to change shoes, muttering in his mouth, so hot days, but also wearing such bad lame shoes, what is not safe, overkill. At 17:10 pm, Liu sampled every tanker in turn from the first one, as before. Suddenly, when he heard a scream, when Liu took the oil sample at the third unloading port, the instantaneous flow was too large when the valve was opened, and the crude oil splashed out of the unloading port and splashed on her feet. Oil is still hot! Colleagues quickly helped to take her shoes off. Fortunately, wearing work shoes did not cause major harm.
[Personal Sentiment] After thinking about things, Liu felt a little scared. Fortunately, the squad leader asked her to put on the work shoes before taking up the job. Otherwise, crude oil splashed onto the foot. Liu's feet were not just so lightly burned. It is very important to put on labor insurance correctly. These seemingly strict regulations and strict requirements are precisely the most intimate protection for us.
[Expert Review] Labor protection articles refer to the articles worn by individuals who are working or avoiding accidental injuries and occupational hazards in the production process. In the event of danger, labor protection supplies can protect personnel and reduce injuries to a certain extent.
In this incident, Liu was not wearing labor protection products, in violation of Article 49 of the "Safety Production Law" of the People's Republic of China and the relevant provisions of Article 19 of the Provisions on the Administration of Labor Protective Goods for Shengli Oil Field Workers.
Article 49 of the "Safety Production Act" of the People's Republic of China stipulates that: During the course of operations, practitioners shall strictly abide by the rules, regulations and operating procedures for safety production of the unit, obey the management, and properly wear and use labor protection articles.
Article 19 of the Provisions on the Administration of Labor Protective Products for Employees in Shengli Oil Fields stipulates that employees in all posts must wear, use, and store labor protection articles in accordance with relevant rules and regulations for the production of labor safety and the rules for the use of labor protection articles. Those who wear and use labor protection articles according to the regulations may not take up jobs.

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