China Electronic Smart Lock Professional Committee helps industry standard development

At present, the new round of technical competition in China's lock industry has begun. The high-tech locks represented by electronic smart locks represent the development direction of the lock industry. As a model for the integration of traditional manufacturing and information industry, electronic smart locks are very popular among consumers. However, the domestic market for electronic smart locks has just started. The largest annual sales of enterprises is about 200 million yuan. Compared with developed countries, there is a big gap, and there are irregularities such as lack of standards and disorderly competition. To this end, China Hardware Products Association initiated the establishment of the "China Smart Lock Professional Committee" to promote the standard development of the lock industry .

China Electronic Smart Lock Professional Committee brings together the top electronic locks and smart lock enterprises in China, and will actively meet the needs of the development of the industry, and actively strive to build a platform for scientific research, standard setting, product testing, market information sharing, etc., to promote exchanges between lock companies. To improve the overall development level of the industry and help the standardization and healthy development of the entire industry.

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