Purchase genetically modified foods and look for government approval of marketed products

Reserve grain storage enterprises in Hubei and Hunan, which store grain, have violated the policy of purchasing grain reserves and have imported genetically modified rapeseed oil into temporary storage stocks. As soon as the news was disclosed, there was an uproar on the Internet. Whether GM foods have any harm to the human body or whether the GM foods on the market can be purchased are the issues that people are most concerned about.

Expert opinion: No security issues have been found so far

Jiang Juncheng, Director of the Gene and Health Special Committee of Sichuan Provincial Health Science and Technology Society, told reporters that the government approved the listing of genetically modified foods is safe. At present, 8.5 million rural households in 21 countries have planted genetically modified crops, and the planting area of ​​soybean, corn, cotton and rapeseed has accounted for about 70% of the total area.

Opposition voice: Genetic pollution caused by violation of natural laws

However, some people opposed to genetically modified foods pointed out that genetic modification is harmful if it violates nature. After the introduction of genes with herbicide-tolerant or pest-killing properties in plants, is the food they provide safe to the human body? It is difficult to obtain comprehensive evidence to obey people.

None of these questions can be answered in a short time, but Jiang pointed out that genetic foods will become a trend that is inevitable. It not only promotes the development of traditional agriculture, but also its application value in the market is immeasurable. Of course, in order to protect consumers’ right to know and choose, manufacturers should mark the relevant information on genetically modified products. West China Community News reporter Yang Hao organizes

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