Autumn tomato focuses on seven diseases

Powdery mildew often occurs on many crops and has a great impact. Autumn is the most serious period of occurrence of jujube powdery mildew. How do we use pesticide fungicides to control this disease?

The specific prevention methods are as follows:

In the autumn, pay attention to check the leaves of jujube, and find that there is a layer of white powder on the leaves. When the leaves are green and yellow, the leaves should be sprayed with 800 times 50% triazolone wettable powder aqueous solution, or 400 times 20%. An aqueous solution of sulfur suspending agent, or 2000 times 10% fluorosilazole, or 4000 times 30% difenoconazole. Propiconazole aqueous solution, or 1500 times 80% myclobutanil wettable powder aqueous solution, etc., every 10~15 Spray once a day, spray 2 to 3 times in a row, and evenly spray all the branches and fruits inside and outside the canopy.

If you can add 1500 times 0.001% natural brassin, 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 800 times humic acid active liquid fertilizer mixture to the liquid, the control effect is better, which can strengthen the effect, improve the control effect and speed up The diseased leaves return to normal growth, which can promote tree growth, promote fruit development, promote fruit, promote coloration, increase yield, and improve quality.

Therefore, in the autumn, we must pay close attention to the prevention and control of jujube powdery mildew, to protect the leaves, promote fruit set, promote fruit enlargement and coloration, increase yield and improve quality.

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