Winter decoration should pay attention to renovation work

At the end of the year, the big curtain of the Spring Festival Gala opened up and the greetings were “Are you getting tickets?”. For the owners who are fighting on the front lines of the decoration, “Can you decorate it years ago?” has become a million-times question. A lot of impatient owners are “sliding away” at this time and are beginning to “race” with the schedule. Although this speeds up the progress of the renovation, in fact, many actions are likely to cause bad results. The decoration has to be done step by step. If you are really anxious, then take a look at the following.

Misunderstanding 1: cross-construction of mud and woodworking at the same time

Aftermath: Mildew caused by wood products

Cross-construction is one of the most common methods used in "quick loading." Small-sized houses of less than 90 square meters, cross construction by mason and woodworking, closely cooperated, and even compressed the period of construction of wood and wood within 1 month. But do you know? This routine is the easiest way to make mistakes. Zhao Wei, director of the site supervision department of a decoration engineering supervision company, gave an example: Cross construction is feasible, but special attention should be paid to the cooperation of nodes. For example, the first step for a mason to enter the field is to repair the trunking and piling walls. At this point, woodworking is actually inappropriate. Because the masonry construction scope is relatively large at this time, the water is more frequent. At this time, if wood construction is carried out at the same time, the wood products will be easily contaminated, and in severe cases, it will be affected by mildew.

Suggestion: List progress of construction process

With the right cross construction method, quality and quantity can be guaranteed while the construction period is shortened. “So, before the start of the construction, communicate with the project manager and list a detailed construction schedule, which is very necessary.” Zhao Wei said that the construction schedule can ensure that the owner is aware of each process, and the rationality of construction arrangements. To ensure the close connection between various types of work on the construction site, while avoiding conflicts. Once the process has been dragged down, the owner can also supervise the construction party to deliver it in a timely manner according to the schedule, and play the role of supervision.

Misunderstanding 2: Use winter heating equipment to dry the wall

Aftermath: External dry interior wall is easy to crack

In the middle or late December, the low-temperature, wet weather makes people particularly tempted to put a putty on the wall (a putty that is a decorative material on the surface of a flat wall, and a product that must be used before the paint is painted). anxious. Even if it does not rain, it will take 3 days to wait for the putty to dry completely, and it will take a week or so to meet a continuous rainy day. Paint is the last process, and often it can only dry up. Some home improvement companies, in order to meet deadlines, have used a heating device such as an electric fan (commonly known as “Little Sun”) to dry the wall. As a result, the surface of the putty dries and the inside is still wet. In the second summer, the entire wall may crack.

Suggestion: natural dry putty to wait enough time

It is often too late to check the quality of the wall when it is completed. Because once painted, many blemishes are temporarily obscured. Waiting until the cracking problem reappears is more troublesome. “The wall putty must be dried naturally. It cannot save time here.” How to check whether the putty is dry, Zhao Lan introduced a simpler method. Before the putty finishes the latex paint, he goes to the construction site and walks the wall. , to see if the soft inside is not soft, the surface of the sand skin is a powder. If you feel it is still wet and a little soft, it means that the entire wall still needs to be aired again. Zhao Hao also reminded that whether "Little Sun" can help you completely dry the wall, it is not recommended. Because at the same time when drying the wall, all kinds of winter heating equipment will quickly evaporate the water in the wall, reduce the condensation strength, more easily lead to cracks in the wall.

Decoration construction knowledge

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