Strengthen the floor which brand is good to strengthen the advantages and disadvantages of the floor

Because the floor has more contact with the furniture, it will cause some friction with the floor when carrying furniture, so the damage caused can not be ignored, but the laminate flooring can always maintain its perfect appearance, which is to strengthen the composite One of the advantages in the advantages and disadvantages of the floor. Laminate flooring is cheap, easy to install, and easy to clean. It is very popular with consumers, especially with the acceleration of the pace of life, it is also the preferred ground decoration material for many young consumers. How much do you know about laminate flooring before you buy it? Strengthen the advantages and disadvantages of the floor and strengthen the floor which brand is good .

Which brand of laminate flooring is better?

Laminate floor top ten brands ranked second: nature flooring

Nature floor brand, I believe we are not very strange, enjoy the honor of the Asian wood flooring company's honorary title of the nature of the floor, in the flooring industry will also be among the best, advanced equipment, quality, good market reputation, near In a few years, it can be said to occupy a strong momentum.

Laminate floor top ten brands ranked first: Saint floor

Saint Icon is the leading leader in the industry. The iconic floor products of the company basically adopt international advanced equipments, and customize the products to strengthen the floor according to the different needs of customers. At present, it still maintains the status of the first brand of Chinese wooden flooring.

Strengthen the floor ten brands ranked third: peace of mind floor

The secure floor is a wood flooring company with deep cultural heritage. At the beginning of its establishment, it attached great importance to product quality and technological innovation. Through exchanges and cooperation with domestic and international scientific research institutions, there have been 14 patented technologies that have been recognized and protected at home and abroad (12 Chinese floor patents and two German floorings. patent).

Strengthen the floor ten brands ranked fourth: World Friends floor

Shiyou Floor adopts the most advanced Hammer floor line in the industry and the domestic first-generation ultra-high-temperature wood heat treatment equipment, which has a high degree of recognition in the industry and has repeatedly been rated as one of the top ten brands in the floor industry.

Laminated floor top ten brands ranked fifth: Fringel floor

Fringel's flooring is well-known in the wood industry and holds several important patents. Therefore, Fringel's laminate flooring is also made of the finest wood, with moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and other properties. The most important is that the floor does not add any Materials other than pure natural products are very safe for consumers to use.

The above is the brand of the laminate flooring currently relatively hot, actually look at personal love and application of heat, for your reference only.

Strengthen the advantages and disadvantages of the floor

Strengthen the floor advantages:

1. Good wear resistance: The wear-resistant layer on the most surface of the laminate floor is specially treated to achieve a very high hardness, that is, the use of sharp hard objects such as keys to scratch, will not leave traces. The biggest advantage of this advantage is that you no longer have to shy away from protecting your floor in your daily life.

2, stain resistance: stains fall on the surface of the wooden material, it is easy to penetrate down, it is difficult to clean. The surface of the laminate flooring is completely free from this annoyance. Because the surface is a special material, even if the ink drops, it will not penetrate, can only stay on the surface, can be cleaned with a mop.

3, good care: wear-resistant, dirt-resistant floor, natural and easy to take care of. Even if you don't care for a while, don't worry about the floor being damaged. This point is particularly useful for busy young families.

4, the price is low: When the price of solid wood flooring is still rising, the price of laminate flooring is gradually decreasing, and now the market can generally buy reinforced flooring with a price of 50 yuan / square meter, and count down, The budget spent on the floor can save a lot.

Laminate floor defects:

1. Hardness: The laminate flooring is made of high-fiber wood-based panels. Unlike real wood flooring, solid wood flooring is comfortable to use in wood processing, and is generally not suitable for home decoration in children's rooms and elderly homes.

2. Poor repairability: After the laminate floor is generally damaged, it is difficult to repair it. It is not like solid wood flooring, it can be re-polished, painted. Laminated flooring Because of the use of wood-based panels, only new floors can be replaced after damage.

3, poor environmental performance: This is not to say that strengthening the floor is not environmentally friendly, the environmental performance of the laminate flooring is mainly compared with solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring, laminate flooring in the processing process will use adhesive glue, which adhesive glue Contains formaldehyde, so long as the content of formaldehyde is within the acceptable range of the human body, it is a healthy and environmentally friendly floor.

4. Many consumers now question the environmental performance of laminate flooring, but laminate flooring is relatively cheap, allowing consumers to choose between dilemmas. It is recommended that you choose the brand of laminate flooring, although the price of the brand laminate flooring will be more expensive than the ordinary laminate flooring, but the environmental performance, quality, and after-sales service of the brand laminate flooring are very secure.

Editor's summary: The relevant information about which brand of laminate flooring is good, and the strengths and weaknesses of laminate flooring are introduced for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Laminate flooring

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