Kind of background wall type glass wall

The living room is a place where family members relax and friends and relatives gather. The main means of mass family entertainment are watching TV, watching VCDs, singing karaoke, etc. Therefore, the TV background wall in the living room has become the most attractive place for people. How to decorate the TV background wall beautifully is an issue that the owners have to worry about. There are many kinds of background wall materials, of which the glass background wall is very popular nowadays. Let's take a look at it together.

Kind of background wall

1. The most common decoration is to equip with a set of TV cabinets next to the TV. The walls are decorated with colorful inkjets, wallpapers, and wall coverings. Nowadays, these materials on the market are all kinds of different kinds of patterns and patterns can be selected, and the decoration is very warm. Not only does it have a good embellishment effect, but it is also easy to construct. If you are a person who is easy to "new or old," it is very easy to replace it with wallpaper or wall covering.

2 If you like traditional culture, choose to hang a set of calligraphy and painting is also very elegant. As for the choice of calligraphy and painting, I would like to see my friends who love calligraphy and painting. Not only can it become the finishing touch in the living room, it can better reflect the identity, status and taste of the owner. The simple and natural home style is favored by many people. So, choosing some simple and natural materials can make the whole family feel relaxed and natural. The TV background wall is one of the important elements that embody the style of the living room. The use of a stone with natural texture can achieve very good results.

3 Many people prefer the simple and modern decoration style. Using glass and metal materials as the background wall can bring a strong sense of modernity to the living room. Therefore, it is also a commonly used background wall material, although its cost is relatively low. However, construction is difficult. Some consumers also prefer to use painted glass as the background wall. For rooms with less light, there is room for enhanced lighting. Some of the more creative is to use the changing colors of paint to design a distinctive background wall. The use of different colors to form a contrast, breaking the monotony of the living room wall monologue, low cost and can be completed independently, can bring a strong sense of visual, but it should be noted that the color must be coordinated with the rest of the living room, otherwise it will be a loss .

4 If you really can't find the material you like as a living room wall, you can set up some small space according to your preferences, and put your favorite accessories, dolls and the like. There are background wall shelves on the market to choose from. However, attention should be paid to the installation of lighting, often to replace some of the ornaments placed in their own homes, to bring new feelings to family and friends.

Glass wall is good

The Art Spelling Mirror Wall is extremely contemporary, luxurious and elegant, and beautiful. It has four kinds of excellent performance in a kind of confidence products, and it is favored by consumers at home and abroad in the market. In the industry, you can lead the fashion trend. Whether it is under the sun or under the light, it can show colorful and glittering effects. It gives a person a feeling of unique shape, gorgeous texture, magnificent, brilliance, complete Exquisite tall products. At present, there are very few other home improvement products that are comparable to the crystal clear and unpredictable walls of art spelling mirrors. With the combination of light and color, your eyes will be dazzled and you will feel the combination of quality and art.

Summary: Then, the glass background wall is not suitable. The TV background wall must also consider the direction of the entire living room. The direction of the living room is mainly determined by the orientation of the living room window. According to your home situation

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