Pesticide herbicide mixed principle

For the mixed use of herbicides, scientific matching should be carried out according to the characteristics of herbicides, weed species and crop types, and some compatibility tests should be carried out. Only when the physical and chemical properties and herbicidal effects are excellent, the mixed use can be determined. Experts summarized the following mixed principles:

First, the mixture must have synergistic or additive effects, and has physical and chemical compatibility, no precipitation, stratification and condensation, and no inhibition or phytotoxicity to crops.

Second, the herbicidal spectrum of mixed single agents should be different to increase the site of action and expand the range of herbicides, but the period of use and the method of application must be consistent.

The third is to combine the characteristics of quick-acting and slow-acting, combining the contact type with the systemic type, combining the long-lasting period with the short-lasting period, combining the large diffusivity and the small diffusion in the soil, and the crops. The absorption sites are combined differently.

Fourth, the combination of herbicides and their respective dosages should be determined according to factors such as field weed community, species, occurrence degree, soil texture, organic matter content, crop types, and crop growth period. The mixed amount of herbicide should be single. 1/2-1/3 of the dosage of the agent must not exceed the single dosage on the same crop to achieve economic, safe and effective purposes.

Fifth, the herbicide mixture can be used together with the synergist new high-fat film to improve the herbicidal effect, reduce the amount of pesticides , control the volatilization of pesticides, prevent the rainwater from scouring, reduce the dosage per acre by half, and improve the control effect multiple times.

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