How much is the bathroom waterproof height?

With the continuous development of the decoration industry in the society, people can choose more and more ways to decorate, then this bathroom decoration is one of them, then the quality of the bathroom decoration is definitely clean and convenient, so our one The waterproof height of the bathroom has become the most important step in the decoration. Xiaobian tells everyone about the waterproof height of the bathroom.


First, how much is the waterproof height of the bathroom?

1. The national standard clearly stipulated that the waterproof height of the bathroom is 1.8 meters. The building has been waterproofed during construction. The waterproof layer extends from the ground to the wall and is 250mm above the ground. But the waterproofing of the wall is basically not available.

2, the height of the waterproof layer should not be lower than 1800MM, the general thickness should not be less than 1.5MM, and the water-cooling project must be done after 24 hours of water storage experiments, other walls can be one meter. If the bathroom of the bathroom is a bathtub, the waterproof height of the wall adjacent to the bathtub can be 30cm higher than the height of the bathtub.

3, in particular, this bathroom should pay special attention to: the ground waterproof water pipe joints, the ground waterproofing flat, the shower switch, the toilet and several other waterproof layers, can not affect the height of the tiling.

4. The joint between the wall and the ground and the ground joint between the water and the water are the most prone to problems. It is necessary to urge the workers to handle these corners and the waterproof coating must be applied.


Second, what are the precautions for the renovation of the bathroom?

1. When decorating the bathroom, pay attention to how the color is matched. It is more harmonious. If you choose white as the main tone, you can match it with milk white or light yellow. At the same time, it can also be combined with simple warm colors, such as milky white and ivory yellow, which can give a soft, romantic feeling, and can broaden people's horizons.

2, the bathroom to do this decoration, there are some green plants can be properly matched into the bathroom, such as black and white, it is best to take a large area, it looks bright, simple and clear. If it is accompanied by green plants, the bathroom will suddenly look vibrant.

3, the bathroom in our renovation should pay attention to how the lighting design is, for example, soft brightness is enough. The bathroom mirror has high requirements for lighting effects. Therefore, independent lighting must be provided for local lighting supplementation. The local lighting in front of the mirror can be selected to increase the warmth, spaciousness and freshness.

4. In the process of decoration, the bathroom should have reliable waterproof and safety glass and other sealed lamps. In the shape of the lighting, you can choose according to your own interests and hobbies, but do not install the most.

The article in our decoration home network has a lot of decorative information. The above is to introduce to friends what is the most important part of the bathroom decoration. How much is the waterproof height of our bathroom? Besides, there are many decorative information. Friends like to continue to pay attention.

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