What are the advantages of fine decoration?

The decoration of the house is good or bad, but it is a top priority. Our friends have to think about saving time and decorating their rooms. It seems impossible to do it, but the friends are wrong. Now our fine decoration can save time and finish your decoration. House requirements. Friends can come and Xiaobian to understand the advantages and benefits of fine decoration.


First, the advantages of fine decoration

1. Fine decoration can achieve low-carbon environmental protection: the entire building of the rough house has a long decoration time. When you have been living for a while, there are neighbors in the decoration, so the environment will be bad. But when we were finely decorated, the family still had time to work. Bark room barbarian decoration and noise and environmental pollution are present, and the owner's own decoration is easy to cause unnecessary waste.

2. However, when the new residential area is renovated, the neighbors will generally not hear a lot of construction sounds, which will not affect the friendly relationship between the neighbors.

3. In some houses, the hardcover room reserves the individual space. Some hardcover rooms are made up of interior hexahedral fittings and appliances and appliances in the kitchen and bathroom. A part of the hard work is completed, and the soft part is completed by the owner, and the personality can be displayed through the late soft dressing.

4. This “soft dress” effectively solved the “single” decoration problem in the past. Customers can enjoy the professionally designed decoration effect, while at the same time reserve a space for friends to fully reflect their own personality.

Second, the precautions of fine decoration

1. Before finishing the wall decoration , you must look at the developer to indicate whether the load-bearing wall is marked on the drawing. You can't smash the main wall, and it is best not to get close to the wall of the elevator. Professional construction workers should be arranged during the day, preferably not on weekends. If the occupancy rate of the community is extremely low, it is convenient to construct.


2, we have to shovel the wall to be fast, basically get all the day, and then clean up the dusty soil of the fallen wall, so as not to contact with water to form a fixed thing that is difficult to remove.

3, do not blindly rub the garbage after hitting the wall, do not have to be busy, should be used to fill some places in the bathroom. So as not to spend money later to get back.

4, the balcony production must use the material better, can not be cheap. The quality of the balcony can not be poor, and there are potential safety hazards.

5, the purchased wire and water pipe can not be placed vertically and leaning against it, is to lie flat on the ground, to avoid deformation of the pipe, it is difficult to operate after the pipe is released.

6. Before the hydropower transformation, it is necessary to determine the location of the water and electricity, such as the bedside of the bedroom and the direction of the TV wall, to determine whether the toilet is installed, the position of the washing machine, etc.

7, air conditioning location should be reserved first, temporary changes to the fee.

8, TV cabinet is best to buy finished products, customized TV cabinets can not move the position.

9, the sofa to buy and the style of the same, you should first look at the style online, and then go to the field. There are also lamps and dining tables.

What are the advantages of these fine decorationes introduced above, such as fine decoration can be environmentally friendly and reduce neighborhood harassment. And there are still many places that can save money and save time and so on. Our friends also know some fine decoration notes. Everyone continues to pay attention to our decoration home network.

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