Alarm industry multi-dimensional data acquisition integrated equipment

Under the new normal of social security, we will closely focus on the overall goal of social stability and long-term stability, build a long-term mechanism for counter-terrorism, and closely integrate new equipment to develop an alarm networking application scenario. This is the author's experience in the security industry in recent years and the work report of the two governments. Core development opportunities.
First, the development status of public security information system
However, with the continuous deployment of various information systems, the public security department has gradually realized the current problems. First, the business systems are too fragmented and each fights. For different business needs, many different business systems have been built within the public security system, but they are relatively closed and independent in terms of information interaction, which seriously affects the comprehensive use efficiency of information. Second, the data is not targeted. For example, a large and medium-sized city has thousands of cameras, and the video data saved every day occupies considerable cost. However, when it is really involved in the search and retrieval of the case, it is still impossible to achieve relatively accurate data positioning, which still requires a lot of cost. The labor force is still relatively inefficient.
At the same time, with the rise of wireless devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers, especially the widespread popularity of smart phones, smart handheld devices have become a unique identifier for personal identity to a great extent. At the same time, the sniffer wireless probe technology for mobile phone WiFi signals is becoming more and more mature and widely used. With the deployment of other mobile phone information mining systems and electronic fences in the public security system, the personal positioning of the aircraft personnel has become more and more accurate. In addition, the public security system facing the multi-police type of big data management analysis platform as scheduled, will inevitably become a trend of public security information.
Second, multi-dimensional data acquisition integrated equipment
How to integrate and manage distributed collection points and collect data in a centralized manner has become a problem that continues to be improved and solved. The Thai letter is innovative and uniquely created a multi-dimensional data acquisition integrated device, which is easy to deploy and manage.
The multi-dimensional data acquisition equipment revolves around the three tenses of pre-, in-, and post-event, taking human as the core element, combining multiple identification and collection methods, and deeply correlating big data information, achieving "people," for different regions, different types, and different personnel. "Things, things, places, feelings, organization" "all elements of prevention and control, so that criminals can not enter, can not hide, can not do, can not run."
Multi-dimensional data acquisition device integrates face capture camera, vehicle capture camera, mobile phone electronic fence, WIFI probe, visual alarm in one, organic integration of various information means; combined with mobile phone electronic fence, WIFI wireless probe, video surveillance, face Identification, vehicle identification system and other information collection methods; through the collision analysis of vehicles, personnel information and mobile phone information, to achieve a comprehensive grasp of the suspect's activity trajectory, expand the source of technical investigation information, expand the scope of investigation, thereby comprehensively improve the case detection Rate and precision strike strength.
Multi-dimensional data acquisition equipment integrates various information collection methods to open existing network data resources, generate conclusive and effective output through intelligent analysis of big data, and construct a multi-temporal comprehensive prevention system. Based on the time axis, from the perspective of application, the data is modeled for the three states of pre-, in-, and post-event, and the application models in different tenses are formed.
The first is the prevention and warning function beforehand. It is mainly aimed at collecting the comprehensive situation of key personnel and daily activities and trends in key areas before the incident, so as to achieve the “traveling and knowing the trajectory”. At the same time, the pre-prevention and early-warning data analysis model is established, and the accused points are accumulated for key personnel and key areas. When the points reach the threshold, the alarm mechanism is triggered to carry out online review and line-off verification.
The second is the analysis and judgment function in the matter. When terrorism and other incidents are occurring, the relevant functional modules are used to quickly identify and locate personnel in the electronic identification area, and then quickly command and dispatch, and conduct corresponding control or arrest.
The third is to investigate the anti-backtracking function afterwards. After the incident occurs, the electronic identification area information collection and comparison analysis function can be used to backtrack the case, and the clues can be traced back through the key personnel track to facilitate quick resolution.
Although the three tense models have different functions, the resulting analysis results can complement each other. The data of pre-existing prevention and early warning can provide data support for the analysis and judgment of the incident, and the post-mortem case recovery. Provide an important reference for preventive warning beforehand. The three are independent and organic.
Third, multi-dimensional data acquisition front-end and large intelligence platform application functions
First, the holographic file function
It mainly includes personnel information, key place information, key target information, and hazardous chemical unit information. The system mainly pays attention to two types of personnel: one is the terrorists (which have been clarified), and the other is suspicious personnel (related to fear, terrorism, related personnel, abnormal personnel). Personnel information includes: images, ID cards, mobile phones, vehicles, homes, virtual identities and other information.
Second, the fear warning function
The blacklist is controlled by personnel. The methods of control include: ID card, mobile phone, portrait, physical features, etc.; for the early warning of suspicious attention personnel, the analysis of the space and region of the person is used, and the ranking of the points of the behavior is ranked. Make an early warning and continue to correlate the analysis cumulatively.
The third is graphical display function
Based on the application of 2D and 3D maps, a picture shows resources, tracks and other information.
Fourth, the analysis and analysis function
The research and analysis is applied to various technical warfare analysis models. It can be defined by the police, and realizes the functions of association, character association, peer correlation, and trajectory analysis. With the help of “human cube”, “octopus”, heat map, Graphical display of big data such as curve histograms makes data results more visual and intuitive.

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