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For some people, because they are fed up with the turmoil in the city, they tend to return to the countryside and live a leisurely and comfortable life. Especially for those who have reached a certain age, they will transform the old rural houses and raise some of them. Chickens and ducks, growing vegetables, old age began, of course, the old house is full of many happy memories for every resident, so the old house has a deep appeal, then the renovation of the old rural house decoration skills What are the following? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian.

Rural old house renovation decoration skills

1, pre-decoration preparation

In general, old houses will have a large number of security risks, so before the construction, we should first understand the overall situation so that we can better carry out the transformation. In addition, we can start with various aspects of the internal structure. Examine, for example, walls, floors, doors and windows.

2, security risks

In the construction process, many accidents and accidents are often encountered. If they are arbitrarily changed, it may cause great damage to them. Therefore, it is recommended that during the renovation, there should be a general understanding of the interior structure, and do not make excessive changes. Secondly, remove the worn wall and brush it with a wall paint. For water circuit reconstruction, it is better to do a closed water test experiment.

3, decoration budget

In the estimation of the price, we must consult with the relevant company, so that we can get a better idea. In fact, for some areas in the old house, we can carry out reconstruction on the basis of the original, which can save some decoration costs In addition, the transformation of old houses needs to be approached from environmental protection and energy conservation, and some luxury decorations are to be abandoned.

4, decoration style

There is often some difference between the decoration of old and new houses. For example, the latter can be designed at will, while the former is not. According to relevant data, many people nowadays choose vintage style when decorating old houses. Reflecting the history of old houses, residents can boldly make breakthroughs and integrate their favorite elements into the design of old houses, presenting a warm atmosphere.

Rural old house renovation decoration money Raiders

1, kitchen tiles, wall treatment

The cost of bricks and mortars between kitchens and kitchens usually accounts for 10% of the cost of the main materials. Therefore, if the old buildings are not built over a long period of time, and the tiles do not have a large amount of empty drums and flakes, it is recommended not to change them. Other old house walls often will There is a cracking phenomenon. At this time, you need to redo the grass roots. If there is no cracking, it is recommended to put a layer of wallpaper on it, and the entire home will be renewed.

2, water circuit transformation

The cost of the waterway and the circuit is relatively more. The former is mainly based on the open and dark pipes, and the price is about 80~100 yuan per square. Therefore, the waterway should be reduced as much as possible, and the circuit is not only related to The increase in the overall cost of renovations, as well as the safety of household electricity consumption in the future, must be communicated to the hydropower designers more than necessary during the renovation process. Carefully consider the electricity needs of family members.

Summary: Well, the above is about the content of the transformation and decoration of old houses in rural areas. I hope to provide some help for you. I believe that in the process of retrofitting and renovation of rural old houses , my friends will be more handy and build their own satisfactory residence. surroundings.

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