What should you pay attention to in the pedicure shop? Reflexology store decoration precautions

As a leisure and health place, the pedicure shop must be designed to make consumers feel more relaxed. Then, to do this, what should you pay attention to in the pedicure shop? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the attention of the pedicure shop decoration , I hope to help everyone.

What should you pay attention to in the pedicure shop?


Precautions for the decoration of the pedicure shop 1. Space design: When decorating the pedicure store, it mainly uses people's aesthetic cognition of the space of the pedicure store. The aesthetic design and layout of the pedicure store can be determined by the space environment and atmosphere in the pedicure store and the style and design style of the pedicure store. The purpose of the pedicure store decoration design is to enable our pedicure store to create an emotional mood, perception and association. Therefore, we must be reasonable when designing the space of the pedicure store.

Reflexology store decoration matters 2, lighting design: pedicure decoration design is always in pursuit of perfection, want to achieve this effect, then do not let go of any details, including every light in the store, according to the space Well-designed. Hygienic is suitable for warm yellow light, the balcony is equipped with bright ceiling lamps or outdoor light wall lamps. The dining area uses cool white light, ceiling lamps and recessed lamps. The hall and entrance lights should be high enough to make the lights Scattered throughout the hall. Last but not least, the lighting in the private rooms should be as soft as possible. The small headlights with bedside lamps or ceilings embedded in the ceiling can make the private rooms feel warm and comfortable.


Reflexology store decoration matters 3, exquisite furniture: a set of exquisite furniture can enhance the entire grade of a house, how to make the pedicure shop decoration look magnificent and elegant, all in a choice of what kind of furniture. Therefore, don't neglect the role of furniture and choose it at will. It must conform to the decoration style and color tone. You can choose the right one.

Prerequisites for pedicure shop decoration 4. Art furnishings: More sophisticated companies or shops will put a few artworks in the right place, paintings, ceramics, etc., whether it is Feng Shui's attention, or visually elegant, a few pieces Upscale art furnishings are indispensable, and the location of artwork must be consulted by professionals beforehand.

The above is what the small pedicure brings to your pedicure shop decoration? All the contents of the pedicure shop decoration precautions, I believe that after reading this article, you have a basic understanding of the pedicure shop decoration precautions, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.

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