Method for optimizing and improving the yield and quality of aluminum alloy die casting

Method for optimizing and improving the yield and quality of aluminum alloy die casting

【China Aluminum Network】 Due to the diverse specifications of aluminum alloy die-casting products, the application fields are wide and the environment is complex and diverse. The traditional production model that relies on experience design and trial repair can no longer meet the needs of modern economic development. In the market economy environment where efficiency is life and quality is the key, improving the success rate of mold design and processing and the output and yield of aluminum alloy die-casting is a pressing task for die-casting companies.

In die-casting aluminum alloy production, die-casting is one of the main forming processes. The quality of the die-casting die casting company directly affects the product quality and output of the die-casting company.

Therefore, improving the production efficiency of die-casting machines, including increasing the installed capacity, improving the quality of workers, and improving the management level are all practical ways to increase production efficiency.

1, choose a good material

The quality of raw materials directly affects the quality and production efficiency of aluminum alloy die-casting. Good raw materials can reduce the wear of the die, extend die life, reduce costs, and increase production efficiency.

2, the mold and

Reasonable mold design, timely nitriding improves the hardness and smoothness of the mold working belt, reduces the number of mold repairs, reduces non-labor time, improves product quality and reduces reject rate, which is very important for achieving large production.

3, control at a suitable temperature

A suitable temperature will have a very large impact on the quality of aluminum alloy die-casting. Excessively high or low temperatures can cause unpredictable damage.

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