Building mortar testing machine test method

Building mortar testing machine test method

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Building mortar testing machine test method

Construction mortar testing machine construction mortar material tensile strength testing machine is a new dual space electronic universal testing machine. The design of the test machine mainframe and auxiliary equipment draws on the advanced technology of Shimadzu, Japan, with beautiful appearance, convenient operation and stable and reliable performance. The computer system controls the servo motor to rotate through the controller through the speed control system. After the deceleration system is decelerated, the moving beam is lifted and lowered by the precision lead screw pair to complete the tensile, compressive, bending, shearing and other mechanical properties of the sample. Test, no pollution, low noise, high efficiency, very wide speed range and beam moving distance, and a wide variety of test attachments, in the mechanical properties of metal, non-metal, composite materials, insulation materials and products , has a very broad application prospects.
The function and characteristics of the test method of building mortar testing machine: 1. Main machine: 1.1 The machine adopts double-space structure with door type; pull-up and press-down. 1.2 The speed control system adopts domestic or imported servo speed control system and AC servo motor. The performance is stable and reliable, with protection devices such as overcurrent, overvoltage and overload. 1.3 Microcomputer Control Insulation Material The electronic universal testing machine adopts the arc synchronous toothed belt and the precision ball screw pair transmission. The transmission is stable, the noise is low, and the transmission efficiency is high. The 1.4 universal joint adopts a cross-pin structure and has a swing angle limiting function. On the one hand, the sample is clamped to ensure the test concentricity, and on the other hand, the influence of the irregular sample on the sensor is well eliminated. Building mortar testing machine test method control system, operating software and data processing system 2.1 computer control system, with high integration, stable performance, easy adjustment and so on. The experimental data can be collected in real time, and the experimental characteristic curve can be dynamically displayed in real time. The test data file can be saved in the way of Access common database or SQLserve large database, which is convenient for realizing customer resource sharing and network management, and user reanalysis. For user-defined various word reports, the software can be easily accessed, solving the problem that different users or the same user have different needs for test reports in different periods. The software used in the microcomputer-controlled thermal insulation material testing machine can process the raw data of the test force, displacement, time and the curve derived therefrom. Http:// Building mortar testing machine test method Editor: (Hardware Business Network Information Center) Building mortar testing machine test method

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