What are the advantages of automatic door locks?

Then the door lock acts as the heart of the door. If the use of the door lock is unreasonable in quality and function, the door will lose its proper function. The Automatic Door lock is an automatic door lock that unlocks the door, locks the door and locks the lock tongue, and includes two parts of the lock body and the lock buckle. A spring is installed in the lock to facilitate the key ejection and insertion. Here we will introduce in detail what are the advantages of automatic door locks , as well as the selection of automatic door locks.

What are the advantages of automatic door locks?

1, easy access

The automatic door lock is generally fully automatic in terms of unlocking and taking locks. Of course, this automatic door lock is only aimed at the door and it will play its due role. With automatic door locks, it is particularly convenient when entering or leaving the house. Going out of the house will not take so much time. This will save office workers a lot of time, especially in the morning.

2, flexible

The automatic door lock also has a special advantage, that is, its own flexibility is very good, because the automatic door lock is equipped with a magnet sensor inside, can be judged according to some relevant information, in order to open and close the door in the shortest time. Many locks can't do it.

3, excellent guidance

In general, this type of automatic door lock is commonly used in villas, hotels, apartments, etc. Since we have to regularly enter and exit the door, the quality of the parts configured on its sensor door must be particularly good. In order to be able to use it for a long period of time, guidance is undeniable. The most important thing is that with the development of science and technology, there are now many mini automatic door locks that are conveniently carried on the body, but the unlocked key should be properly kept.

Tips for choosing an automatic door lock

1, due to the door lock

When purchasing automatic door locks on the market, many people may be in a tangled state and do not know how to choose, so we can choose the corresponding automatic door lock according to the width of the door frame. In addition, whether the thickness of the door is matched with the lock is also an important option, and it is necessary to pay attention to selecting the lock that is consistent with the direction of the opening of the door of the house, which can make the door more convenient.

2, wear resistance

When selecting the automatic door lock, we can also judge the quality from the aspect of material quality. You can use the three ways of seeing, hearing, and listening to choose. The first is to look at the appearance of color, locks made of pure copper are generally polished and frosted, compared with the copper plating, the color is dark, but very natural. With its weight, the copper lock has a heavy feel, while the stainless steel lock is significantly lighter, listening to its opening sound, the brass-plated lock opening sound is boring, and the stainless steel lock sounds crisp.

3, feel

The automatic door lock is determined by the spring in terms of the hand feeling. The quality of the spring will affect the hand feeling during use, and the service life of the automatic door lock. The spring is not good, and it may easily cause the handle to droop and shorten the door lock. life. During the purchase process, it is also necessary to look at the plating of the door lock, which is to consider whether the handle of the door lock will fade. In general, the protective layer of the good door lock, that is, the plating layer will not be easily oxidized and worn.

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