Talking about the Emergency Lifesaving Equipment Used in Russia

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Russians all know that if there is an emergency somewhere in the country, the Ministry of Emergency Situations will extend a helping hand to people affected by the disaster, but not everyone knows that today’s professionals in addition to their high professional skills and What are the most up-to-date modern equipment and technologies outside the heart of a helping person?

1 The role of rescue and rescue equipment in salvaging shipwrecks

(1) Determine the location of the sunken ship. Recall July 10, 2011 occurred on the Volga River, "Tjapukai" No. ferry boat accident, when 201 people on board, 79 people were rescued, 122 people were killed. The first few days after the accident was the most difficult time for the search and rescue organization to work out the exact position of the cruise ship on the water bottom of the Kuibyshev reservoir, gather the necessary information to make preparations, and calculate how to salvage the ship to the surface. The modern equipment used by the Chinese Ministry of Emergency Situations has played a large role.

On the morning of July 11th , experts from the Southern Expedition of the Special Submarine Emergency Rescue Agency had already started to work with the “Goblin” card and the “Vision” brand underwater TV system, and soon the divers from the Northwestern Detachment also joined the work, after which a device was modernized. An expert team of underwater sonars also joined in the rescue.

All diving work is conducted day and night, groping, visibility is only 10 ~ 12 cm , and the water is in a hurry, the bow is inserted 3 meters under the mud, and the stern sinks to the same level as the bow. Therefore, there is a risk that lifeguards will enter the hull. Many cabins have large deposits. They must clear themselves in the dark to pass through these debris. Diver activities in closed spaces are like falling traps and are dangerous at all times. Diving due to the excellent work of experts, to July 13 search and rescue operation has led to submit a comprehensive report on the results of the search and examination of the wreck made.

(2) Find a motorboat on the bottom of the lake. There is also a case of using modern diving equipment of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. July 2011 "day about 20:00, on the lake teletskoye, a motorboat driver lost control due to excessive speed, resulting in a rollover motor boat sank, four tourists were killed, including a toddler, when the boat A total of 13 people and eight tourists and drivers were rescued.

July 21, the special underwater rescue and life-saving innings of professional teams using the "Falcon" brand deepwater ROV found from the shores of 250 m, 203 m and sank underwater motorboat. So Novosibirsk Island rescue team of divers began motorboat salvage operations, and on September 15 successfully recovered. The remains of the four victims were also claimed by their loved ones. A total of 22 professionals, 6 vehicles and 6 vessels participated in the salvage operations . It is the first time that salvage operations have been carried out from this depth (203 m) . The head of the rescue team, Nikolai Yalmanov, said that this depth can be declared as the Guinness World Record.

(3) Exclude dangerous objects from shipwrecks. Special underwater rescue missions include not only remotely operated underwater vehicles and underwater sonars, but also other high-tech equipment such as profilometers, metal detectors, mobile radioactivity and chemical monitoring mobile devices for underwater special operations. Tools for searching for and detecting underwater potentially dangerous objects. Where are these instruments used and how are they used ?

For example, in the area under the responsibility of the Northwest Expedition of the Special Submarine Emergency Rescue Bureau, there are more than 80 shipwrecks in Germany during the Second World War in the "Ambertan Beach" area . In 2009 , experts from the detachment completed the demining of a barge on the seabed 40 metres from the coast of Kaliningrad . It took more than a month for the divers to survey the ship. They first used special equipment to clean several tons of sediment covered on the barge, then decomposed the hull and towed it ashore. They have found more than 120 bullets of various calibers within 150 m from the ship and within a radius of 150 m . All search, clearance and clearance of deadly objects have used the most modern equipment, including the latest search for underwater potentially dangerous objects. Check your mobile device.

In 2011, the Northwest detachment of special underwater diver rescue and life-saving innings of Minsk City, not far from the Baltic wreck of a German operation, the ship was found in one sea miles from the city (mi) undersea June 3, 2010 There are nearly 10,000 bombs on board , and more than 500 shells have been recovered and destroyed . The demining of this barge takes at least three years.

2 Fire and Medical Helicopters

Emergency Situations Ministry not only divers with a unique modern equipment, in the fourth "comprehensive security 2011" International Salon of May 17, 2011 organized by the Ministry of Emergency Situations delivered a new rescue helicopter Ka a 32A 11Bc, it has medical assistance function, the helicopter is the Ministry of emergency situations in November 2009 made to order. The emergency department minister Shoeigu took part in the handover ceremony and promised to produce five such medical rescue helicopters, and firefighting equipment could also be installed on the helicopters.

At present, the "Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Aviation Rescue Forces' Helicopter Equipment Plan for Aviation Rescue Forces" is planning to use this kind of aircraft to construct federal highway comprehensive safety facilities, and set up aviation rescue teams and helicopter emergency rescue teams in various federal entities. The final emergency department will 185 propeller helicopters were purchased , of which 62 were light aircraft and 123 were medium-sized aircraft.

Domestic and foreign experts believe that the Ka - 32A 11 Bc helicopter is the world's best rescue and firefighting helicopter. It is the first propeller helicopter produced in Russia and certified in Europe. At present, one of the main development directions of the Air Force of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations is the establishment of a special helicopter force to quickly rescue the injured in road traffic accidents. This requires the formation of air rescue brigades and squadrons, and infrastructure along the important national highway construction teams. The main equipment is light and medium-sized helicopters and corresponding equipment. Only "Don" M4, "Russian" M · 10 and "Volga" M. The total length of the national highway 7 reaches 3 215 km , which requires more than 20 helicopters.

In this regard, the Moscow City uses the MH-26T , Ka-32A , and Bo . New aviation technologies such as Type 105 and BK - 117 helicopters have secured important and unique experience in eliminating emergencies. The “Moscow Aerospace Center” stationed at the Aviat Vehevo Airport directly participated in these activities. The capital also established standard legal documents for conducting such aviation operations, built aprons in some urban hospitals, and organized and trained Moscow. The municipal health committee team will give emergency assistance to those who need help and organize team members to be on duty.

The health committee detachment has a total of 7 helicopters in the hangar and trains 15 crew members. The BK-117c Medical Ambulance Helicopter, Ka-32A Type and MM-26T Type Accident Emergency and Fire Helicopters were flying over the capital . Staff have corresponding qualifications and experience in special aviation operations. When necessary. These crew members can also complete the task of special cargo transportation. At this time, they cannot use over Moscow because this is an exclusion zone. The procedures for responding to emergencies at Moscow airports are decided by the Russian Federal Ministry of Transport.

Moscow’s successful experience in the use of firefighting and medical helicopters has now been extended to other parts of Russia. St Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod have also successfully tested the use of light and medium-sized helicopters to deal with emergencies. Shao according to ancient Emergencies Minister on the fourth "comprehensive security 2011" International Salon said:. "There is no doubt that by 2013, the modern helicopter Ka 32AllBC will appear in all the major cities in Russia, this Technology is unique in the world, and now some foreign counterparts are already negotiating with us to sign a contract and want to buy our aircraft.

3 Future development

November 12, 2010, at the Conference on Emergency Situations Ministry to improve the material and technical equipment, the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said, must be fully equipped to improve the situation of the Emergency Situations Ministry. 20ll has formulated a plan year 2015, this phase of the federal budget for the Emergency Situations Ministry allocated 43 billion rubles, which is not a small expenditure, we believe that the money will be earmarked to effectively improve the equipment of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The information in this article comes from the Internet and was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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