Operation and precautions after shutting down the silent gasoline generator set

In the previous information, Zhongwang has already introduced you to the preparation of the gasoline generator set before starting and the operational recommendations at startup. However, what should be done after the gasoline generator sets are shut down and they need to pay attention. What do you know? Next, we will give you detailed explanations from the staff who are looking for you.
1. Stopping operation of gasoline generator set
(1) Receive a signal for "ready to untie" and perform deceleration unloading. After the "de-listing", the machine will gradually decelerate and cool down, listen to the machine for noise and determine its location and reasons for stopping;
(2) Normally shut down and shut down the fuel pump (can use fault stop or emergency stop under special conditions) and close the external circulation pump;
(3) If the vehicle is parked for more than 1 hour, the vehicle must be thrown;
(4) After parking, according to operating conditions, carry out maintenance and maintain good equipment and cleanliness;
(5) At least once a week, a comprehensive inspection of the operating positions of the gasoline engine shall be conducted in a timely manner.
2. Precautions for shutdown of gasoline generator sets
(1) On-duty personnel must stick to their positions, do their own duties, do hardworking, diligent and diligent inspections, and strictly abide by the operating procedures;
(2) On-duty personnel should fill in the shift record carefully. The problems in the operation of the unit must be handled on-duty, and detailed written explanations should be given to the next class. The key issues should be reported to the leaders in a timely manner;
(3) After the used tools are used up, they must be inventoried and positioned; the missing tools and parts should be identified;
(4) Smoking is prohibited in the main room, the workplace is kept sanitary, and measures are taken to eliminate noise.
With regard to the operation of the gasoline generator set after shutdown and the point of attention is that you need to have a good grasp of it, which has a positive impact on reducing the occurrence of faults and prolonging the service life of the generator sets. Some users think that it is only necessary to do a good job of checking the gasoline generator set before use and mastering the correct method of use. In fact, improper shutdown may result in greater losses. You must remember that you cannot make mistakes.

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