The effect of sensation and temperature on INA bearing damage

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The effect of sensation and temperature on INA bearing damage

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When the INA bearing is in operation, the load on the rolling element and the inner ring (or outer ring) is not stable; instead, it is reciprocally changed along with the working cycle of the bearing. This load is an alternating load, and because of the rolling body and the inner The touch area of ​​the circle (or outer circle) is very good. The ditch media 哟ビα艽螅辉诮 叩淖傧 诰薮蟮 诰薮蟮 诰薮蟮 诰薮蟮 诰薮蟮 Χ啻 Χ啻 Χ啻 Χ啻 锤 锤 锤 鹗舯慊岱 鹗舯慊岱 鹗舯慊岱 鹗舯慊岱 鹗舯慊岱 鹗舯慊岱 鹗舯慊岱 (5) @. Beginning; small cracks can be seen in the part of the stress gathering; because of the effect of smooth oil and corrosion of metal; the crack is gradually expanded; when extended to a certain extent; the surface metal will fall off; constitute a small pit; similar pitting When we dismantle the bearing; we often find that the inner or outer ring and the surface of the roll have pitting and a piece of metal falling off; this is the appearance of the metal fatigue.
If the bearing of the INA bearing falls off, it should be regarded as natural damage if it is used for a long time; if it is in the middle or early stage of the bearing, it should be regarded as non-natural shedding; at this time; the cause of the falling off should be ascertained.
The primary cause of non-natural shedding is due to improper selection of bearing types or due to improper installation.
(1) Because of the improper selection of the bearing type, the deep groove ball bearing is used in the case of large axial load; it may fall off early. The main attack occurs in the raceway; it makes the rolling track of the rolling body The direction of the ball moves; even the ball is rolled over; eventually, the raceway has severe seizure damage. The way to prevent this damage is to select the bearing reasonably according to the working conditions of the bearing.
In the INA bearing application process; it can be said that the impact of the sensation and temperature on the bearing is very large; let us first look at the impact of the bearing sensation on the INA bearing.
The sensation damage to the bearing can be said to be appropriate and sensitive; shedding, indentation, rust, crack, wear, etc. will be reflected in the bearing oscillation measurement. Therefore, after selecting a special bearing oscillation measuring device (frequency analyzer, etc.) can be measured The large oscillating . 豢 豢 豢 豢 豢 豢 豢 鲆 5 5 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭 咛迩榭. After the analysis and comparison, the discriminant specification is determined.
Let's take a look at the effect of temperature on the bearing.
The high temperature often indicates that the INA bearing is in an abnormal condition. The high temperature is also harmful to the smoothing agent of the bearing. Sometimes the bearing overheating can be attributed to the smoothing agent of the bearing. If the bearing rotates for more than 125 °C for a long time, the bearing life will decrease. The causes of high temperature bearings include: smooth lack or over-smooth smoothness; smoothing agent. Contains impurities; excessive load; bearing loss ring; lack of clearance; and high friction of oil seal attack.
It is therefore necessary to continuously monitor the bearing temperature; whether it is measuring the bearing itself or other important parts. If it is in the same working conditions; any temperature changes may indicate that the problem has occurred.
The timing measurement of the bearing temperature can be measured by means of a thermometer; for example, a digital thermometer; the temperature of the INA bearing can be accurately measured and displayed in units of °C or Fahrenheit. The importance of the bearing; meaning that when it is damaged; Therefore, the most suitable type of bearing should be equipped with a temperature detector.

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