Fire Fire Detection Alarm and Application of Automatic Fire Extinguishing Technology

main result
The topics focused on the "Tele-vision Remote Monitoring Technology for Urban Building Fire Protection Facilities", "Optimization, Integration and Linkage Control Technology of Building Fire-fighting Linkage Systems," and "Application Techniques for High-Cavity Sites and Automatic Sprinkler Systems for Elevated Warehouses," and other researches were conducted. The results are as follows:
1. Research on Remote Monitoring Technology of Fire Protection Facilities in Urban Buildings
The research group carried out the principle design of urban building fire protection facilities remote monitoring system equipment, developed a series of hardware equipment, developed a remote monitoring system platform software, built a building fire monitoring system platform, and established a network to adapt to modern social fire safety management mechanism The monitoring and composition model and the intelligent analysis software for communication data have also been developed to ensure the networking of different types of automatic fire alarm systems. On the basis of engineering application demonstration, improve system design and optimize product performance. A series of urban fire monitoring and control system standards have been formulated to provide technical support for the design, installation and use of urban fire protection remote monitoring systems. In the international community, for the first time, the network communication protocol, platform data structure, and integrated networking mode of the urban fire monitoring system were proposed and implemented.
The series of user information transmission devices developed by the project and the fire-fighting remote monitoring center platform have been applied in 16 cities including Haikou, Zhengzhou and Guilin. The developed urban fire-fighting remote monitoring system can conduct large-area networked management of fire detection and alarm systems, fire-fighting linkages, and automatic water-spraying fire-fighting facilities in buildings to achieve scientific and effective monitoring and supervision and rapid and accurate warning alarms for fire-fighting and rescue departments. Providing strong technical support can improve the rapid response capability of firefighting and rapidly extinguish the fire success rate. It also provides technical means for the fair and efficient supervision of the fire supervision and management departments, can improve the quality and efficiency of firefighting supervision, and provide effective supervision to ensure the firefighting facilities. The operational perfection rate will play its due role in the event of a fire, and further increase the social organizations' own fire safety management and social prevention and control of fire.
2. Research on the optimization integration and linkage control technology of building fire protection linkage system
Based on the characteristics of fire in a typical building and the characteristics of the built environment, the research group has studied the functions and interactions of the building fire protection linkage system, established a rational configuration and optimized integration model for the building fire protection linkage system, and proposed the integration of fire alarm equipment and fire control. The technical requirements for the software interface integration of the room graphic display device are presented; the model for the optimization of human evacuation routes based on fire smoke situation information is proposed for the first time in the world, and the intelligent evacuation instruction guidance system suitable for densely populated places and public gathering places has been developed. Research on performance evaluation technology of fire-fighting linkage control system, development of automatic sprinkler system performance testing device, and guidance on performance evaluation of fire-fighting linkage control system.
The project has studied and established an optimized integrated model for building fire protection systems, providing technical support for the design and evaluation of fire safety for key fire engineering and special buildings, and has been used in more than ten fire safety projects at Wuhan Dongfang Macheng International Field Project and Shenyang Fanhua Commercial Plaza. Applies to the assessment project.
The intelligent evacuation indication system developed by the project has been demonstrated in the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University. The system can rapidly develop safety and nearby evacuation route light/acoustic indications based on factors such as evacuation distance and width, and guide fire personnel to quickly evacuate to a safe location. The evacuation of fire scene personnel is more safe, efficient and scientific. Ensure that people can effectively identify the evacuation location and direction in the event of dense smoke, complicated routes, and unclear hazards to the fire, to avoid casualties.
3. Application of Automatic Sprinkler System in High Clearance Spaces and Elevated Warehouses
The research group conducted a systematic study on the application of automatic sprinkler systems at home and abroad for non-warehouse high clearance sites and elevated warehouses, and established a fire test physical model and a set of automatic sprinkler experimental systems for simulating large space locations and elevated warehouses. A domestic first set of actual water density (ADD) test device was developed and a standard combustion product that conforms to China's national conditions was established. Physical fire tests were conducted for non-warehouse high clearance sites and overhead storage, and the protection performance and setup requirements for non-warehouse high-cleaning sprinkler systems at 12m and 16m headroom were studied, and ESFR was studied. Responsive nozzles) The system protects the function of elevated warehouses and determines the engineering application parameters. The influencing factors of the ADD test and the intrinsic link with the physical fire test were studied. The ED test was used to replace the physical fire test for the ESFR nozzle. The first time the fire plume flow field in the physical fire test at the high clearance site was performed by a mathematical calculation method. Quantitative analysis was conducted to establish a theoretical model and calculation method for predicting the opening time of the first sprinkler in a high clearance site.
The project has made new progresses in the design of automatic sprinkler systems for non-warehouse high-vacuum sites, the engineering design of the ESFR system in overhead warehouses, and the actual watering density (ADD) test, and is the national standard “Specifications for Design of Automatic Sprinkler Systems”. The revision provides scientific basis. This is of great guiding significance for the design of fire protection safety with automatic sprinkler system protection in some non-warehouse high clearance areas and elevated warehouses under construction in China. It is used to solve the problem of the increasingly prominent high- and large-scale space buildings and fire safety in China. The contradictions, improving the technical level of China's automatic sprinkler systems, promoting the development of new technologies, and reducing the fire hazards at these sites are of great significance.
Promotion and application ideas
1. Urban fire monitoring system
(1) In the promotion of the system, the provincial networking mode (access processing, data centralized storage) is recommended to save the system construction cost. Strengthen the implementation of the communication protocol standards for remote monitoring systems, standardize the output interfaces of fire protection facilities, and reduce the difficulty of network promotion.
(2) Strengthen the function of the information inquiry system, increase the assessment content of the acceptance of fire protection facilities, use the remote monitoring data to judge the integrity rate and operational stability of the facilities, and effectively widen the perspective of fire control and realize the quality supervision and control of fire protection products.
(3) Strengthen the qualification management of fire control and remote monitoring service agencies and rationalize the relationship between remote monitoring and fire protection facilities maintenance services.
2. Intelligent evacuation indication system
(1) Conduct personnel evacuation simulation experiments, collect relevant data on actual fire evacuation, study the evacuation behavior of fire personnel, establish a basic database of evacuation personnel in fires, and constantly improve the intelligent evacuation algorithm to improve the technical level of products.
(2) Through the combination of production and research, strengthen the cooperation with enterprises in the process of the promotion of achievements, use the strength of the enterprise to improve the product technology and expand the promotion channels, pay attention to strengthening the application of typical projects, and accumulate application experience.
3. Large-scale space and elevated warehouse fire simulation experiment system
(1) The standard combustion can be used as a standard fuel unit for physical fire experiments to conduct physical fire experiments.
(2) The established experimental system can be used to verify and evaluate the design parameters and system performance of automatic sprinkler system engineering.

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