What are the methods for purchasing DVRs?

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Digital Video Recorder (DVR), a digital video recorder, uses hard disk recording compared to traditional analog video recorders, so it is often called a DVR, also known as a DVR. It is a computer system for recording the hard disk recording mechanism of image storage. It has the functions of long-term recording, recording, remote monitoring and control of image/voice. DVR integrates video recorder, picture splitter, pan/tilt lens control and alarm control. Five functions, such as network transmission, can replace the functions of a large number of devices in the analog monitoring system with one device, and gradually gain an advantage in price. DVR uses digital recording technology, which is far superior to analog monitoring equipment in image processing, image storage, retrieval, backup, network transmission, remote control, etc. DVR represents the development direction of TV monitoring system, which is currently on the market. The preferred product for TV surveillance systems.


The main purpose of the DVR is to convert the analog signal transmitted from the front-end device (such as a camera) into a digital signal, which is compressed and stored in the hard disk, generally divided into PC type and embedded.

PC hard disk recorders can also be subdivided as follows:

(1), industrial computer PC DVR

The industrial PC PC DVR adopts an industrial control cabinet to withstand the harshness and interference of the industrial environment. With CPU industrial integrated card and industrial backplane, it can support more video and audio channels and more IDE hard drives. Of course, the price is two or three times that of a typical commercial PC. It is often used in a variety of important situations and requires a large number of channels.

(2), business machine PC DVR

Commercial PC DVRs are also generally used in industrial control cabinets to improve the stability and reliability of the system. The number of video and audio channels is also small, and ordinary commercial PC chassis are also used. It uses a universal PC motherboard and a variety of boards to meet the system requirements. It is cheap and adaptable to the environment. It is often used in a variety of general situations, and the number of image channels is generally less than 24 channels.

(3), server PC DVR

The server PC DVR adopts the server chassis and the motherboard, etc., and the stability and reliability of the system are also greatly improved compared with the former two. Often with UPS uninterruptible power supply and a large number of disk storage arrays, support hot swappable hot swap function. It can run continuously for 24 hours × 7 days in a row. It is often used in special applications where the number of monitoring channels is large and monitoring requirements are very high.

In the face of the numerous digital hard disk recorders (DVRs) on the market, how should people choose?

Based on our years of experience in the security industry, we recommend that engineering and general users should review and purchase DVRs that meet their requirements from the following six aspects.

I. Eliminate common fallacies

Fallacy 1: Windows operating system is unstable, affecting the stability of DVR

The stability of the system depends on two aspects: hardware and software, the software has two parts of the operating system and recording software, whether it is Windows98, Windows NT, Windows2000, or Windows XP, it is a very good software that is universal all over the world, and as a hard disk. The recorder uses only a small part of the operating system and there is no reason to doubt the stability of any operating system.

However, what causes problems such as unstable work and crashes during use? It can be said that 100% is the hardware configuration is not reasonable or the video software (application software) programming is not standardized and leads to crash.

Misconception 2: One machine multi-card causes hardware conflicts and affects system stability.

This problem is often caused by the use of a technically mature video compression card or pirated card. Another reason is that there is a problem with the hardware system settings. One machine multi-card is a widely used industry standard and there is no reason to doubt its stability.

Fallacy 3: DVRs will always "crash"

A new generation of digital hard disk recorders generally has a software or hardware watchdog protection system. When a hardware failure occurs, it will issue an alarm prompt; when a software failure occurs, it will automatically restart and automatically resume. Therefore, you can use it with confidence in an unattended monitoring room.

Fallacy 4: Embedded DVR will not "crash"

Although the embedded DVR is out of the PC software environment, it completely solves the crash problem on the surface, but if the hard disk fails, it will die. In fact, hard disk failure is one of the main failures of DVRs.

Fallacy 5: PC-type DVRs have lagged behind, embedded DVRs are the development direction

PC-type hard disk recorders will always develop synchronously with the IT industry. They are far superior to embedded systems in terms of network transmission, picture quality, and video processing speed. In addition, the intuitive, flexible, and fast features of operation and use are unmatched by embedded systems. But its biggest weakness is that it is vulnerable to man-made malicious damage, and this is precisely the advantage of embedded systems. So currently these two types of DVRs have their own strengths, there will be a period of coexistence.

Second, choose a brand machine with intellectual property protection

Buying a brand hard disk recorder means selecting qualified hardware equipment, selecting genuine software, and obtaining software upgrades in the future. If the system needs to be changed or expanded, you can seek technical support from the developer, without wasting previous investment and protecting your investment interests. .

Third, choose a qualified machine that has passed the inspection and certification of a legal institution

The only legal DVR testing institution in China is: Ministry of Public Security Safety and Police Electronic Product Quality Testing Center

The test category for a truly valid inspection report should be: type inspection

China's only legal DVR production license is currently: Provincial Public Security Department

Fourth, choose the era of the latest video compression technology

Divided by video compression processing technology, the current DVR has entered the fourth generation of products:

The first generation adopts Motion JPEG compression algorithm, which is characterized by large file size and very consuming system resources, so the network transmission speed is slow; the advantage is that the image is clear.

The second generation adopts the MPEG-1 compression algorithm, and the video compression processing is all completed by the video card (hardware compression), which does not occupy the CPU resources, so the system performance is very stable, and the data volume is still too large, which is difficult to transmit on the commonly used wide area network. .

The third generation adopts MPEG-4 compression algorithm, which features smaller code stream, which is very suitable for transmitting real-time audio and video images on the network. Pure hardware compression and stable performance make it possible to integrate more powerful functions.

The fourth generation of products is our most popular H.264, and there are some other non-mainstream compression algorithms, which will not be introduced here.

Fifth, choose a powerful and highly integrated smart machine

Sixth, choose a friendly machine that is easy to use and easy to manage

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